The World’s First
Whipped Italian Ice

In a word? Deliziosa!

You may think you’ve had Italian ice, but you’ve never had REAL Italian ice. The stuff you buy at the grocery store today is a frozen chunk of poorly flavored water. It is hard to eat. “Who enjoys eating this?” you might have asked yourself. And you wouldn’t be alone. It turns out the recipe that made Italian ice popular and delicious was lost to time. Until now.

Who is Linda Marie Alaimo Binder?

Linda Binder grew up in an Italian family in 1950s Chicago—the good old days when parents gave their kids a quarter and sent them out the door to have a good time. (You see, mobsters generally didn’t mess with kids, and besides, her dad worked for the Capone administration, so she was off-limits.)

Linda Binder spent her quarter on Italian ice from an old man with a pushcart. It was unforgettably creamy and smooth—not the-scrape-hard-with-your-spoon stuff we now get from the store. After the old man stopped coming around, she never could find anything that was even close to the same.

Years later, she took on the mission of finding the recipe used by the old man with the pushcart. And the result is Binders Whipped Italian Ice.

Stop the Italian ice racket!

This is the only REAL Italian ice. Stop the shakedown giving Italian ice a bad name.

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